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Ownership in a Digital World


What is a NFT ?

A NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique digital token (digital art) in which the proof of ownership is provided via the blockchain.Non-fungible means ‘irreplaceable’ since each token is unique. And ‘Unique’ creates scarcity which, in turn, increases the market value for NFTs.

NFT’s can be bought and traded on marketplaces like opensea,rarible,voice…

What do I get when I buy your NFT ?

By Owning one of my NFT’s you will get the following:
NFT on Foundation.app or Rarible.com which can be traded on Ethereum based Marcetplaces.
Signed 11*14 INCH Giclée Print If you are the first Collector of a singe Edition piece.

+ Occasional free NFT drops exclusively for owners of my NFT’s ❤️ here.